Colt Cabana defeated Scrap Iron Adam Pearce in an “I Quit” match in stage three of the “Seven Levels of Hate” series in Hopkins, Minnesota: July 7, 2012

Adam Pearce appeared to have won the NWA World Title in stage three of his “Seven Levels of Hate” series with Colt Cabana after tearing apart the ring and choking Boom Boom with the ring rope.

However, Cabana never said “I quit” and the match was restarted. Cabana locked Pearce in an inverted Boston crab and choked him with the ring rope. Scrap Daddy had had enough (keep reading for highlights). Cabana now owns a 3-0 record in the series.

Stage four takes place in Kansas City, Kansas, for Metro Pro Wrestling on July 21. The match: two-out-of-three falls. Pearce better start winning.

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