Adam Pearce wins the NWA World Title from Colt Cabana in Kansas City, Kansas: July 21, 2012

Adam Pearce's last ride continues and so does the “Seven Levels of Hate” series. “Scrap Iron” captured the NWA World Heavyweight Title from Colt Cabana in a two-out-of-three-falls match Saturday night at the Metro Pro Wrestling event in Kansas City, Kansas. It was the first time in nearly 31 years that the title switched in Kansas City. The last time: September 17, 1981, when Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes, winning the first of his 16 World Titles.

The match started slow with lots of stalling and playing to the crowd. The first fall ended with Cabana rolling up Pearce. But it was a double pin with the ref awarding a fall to both Pearce and Cabana. So the match went straight to the third fall.

Pearce beat the hell out of Cabana before the start of fall No. 3. Lots of near falls, and the guys really turned it up. Pearce hit Cabana with a piledriver, but only managed to get a two count.

Cabana rallied and hit Pearce with a big butt in the corner. He tired to give Pearce a pile driver, but Pearce countered into a reverse Boston crab. Cabana survived.

Pearce teased hitting Cabana with a chair, but it was a ruse. The ref stopped Pearce, who reached into his tights, hit Cabana with a foreign object and pinned him. It appeared Pearce had won the title, but Cabana had managed to get his foot on the ropes.

More near falls led to Cabana locking Pearce in the reverse Boston crab. Pearce countered and knocked Cabana into the ref. During the confusion, Pearce hit Cabana with the NWA Title and pinned him for the win. Really fun match. Cabana leads the series 3-1.

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