"Stone Cold" Steve Austin successfully defends the WWF Championship against The Undertaker at SummerSlam ‘98: August 30, 1998

The Texas Rattlesnake declared that he would do whatever it took to keep his championship. Defeating the Deadman would take everything Austin had to give and more. The Phenom was equally game, providing the holy-shit moment of the night when he delivered a guillotine leg drop from the top rope to Austin, who was laid out on the Spanish announcers’ table.

The never-say-die Texan rallied, reversing the Last Outlaw’s Old School with a low blow and a Stone Cold Stunner for the victory. Austin and Taker recognized the greatness of their match (No. 14 in SummerSlam history) with the supernatural superstar handing over the championship.

Not to be outdone, The Rock and Triple H took a page from Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon, agreeing to a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. The two battered each other with ladders and chairs and knocked each other off the ladders for sick bumps. The Game needed a little help to defeat the Great One, and a low blow by Chyna allowed the former aristocrat to climb and grab the championship for the win.

Also on the card:

X-Pac won a hair vs. hair match against Jeff Jarrett.

Sable and Edge won a mixed tag-team match over Marc Mero and Jacqueline.

Ken Shamrock defeated Owen Hart inside the Lion’s Den.

New Age Outlaws won the WWF Tag Team Championships from Mankind and Kane, who no-showed the match but showed up later during the main event.

D-Lo Brown defeated Val Venis via disqualification.

The Oddities beat Kaientai & Taka Michinoku.

Photos and video via WWE.

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