Outrageously priced vintage wrestling item of the week: The Ultimate Warrior’s duster

Who didn’t want to dress up as the Ultimate Warrior as a kid? How about as an adult? Eh, no one?

For the little (and big) Warriors still living the dream there’s this eBay auction of an autographed Warrior duster. This appears to be from Warrior’s stint in WCW (note the tombstone with “NWO” on it). Could this be Warrior’s cloak of invisibility that allowed him to magically appear in Hulk Hogan’s mirror on the October 5, 1998, edition of Nitro? I can’t tell from the video (after the jump). 

The duster is on sale (25 percent off!) for the next seven days and can be had for $5,624.99 (regular price $7,499.99).

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